On May 2008, Richard Melman, Chairman of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises®, opened L2O (pronounced el-two-oh), a modern seafood restaurant in an historic building in the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago.

L2O breathes new life into the dining landscape by bestowing upon guests an elegant cuisine that is both exciting and appealing.

The global cuisine offerings reflect a repertoire of modern and traditional cooking techniques. Intricacies of fish and shellfish are explored to create artful compositions that enhance the innate flavors of a singular ingredient.

Collaborating with small artisanal purveyors around the globe, L2O is able to serve unique selections of top-quality ingredients such as hirame from the Hokkaido and Kinki prefectures in Japan, Spanish octopus from the Galicia region of Spain and codfish from Maine. The fierce attention to detail is felt throughout, as even the bread, naturally leavened, is made in-house as are staples like butter, yogurt and crème fraîche.

A dining experience at L2O ranges from the lounge’s alluring atmosphere where guests order from an à la carte menu, to an evening in the elegant dining room where both a four-course prix-fixe menu and tasting menus are offered. A meal may begin with the simple flavors of sashimi-sliced Shimaaji cured with red miso and soy salt. Second courses are replete with imagination, ranging from Gold Egg Yolk, Kampachi, Kurobuta Pork and Sake to Octopus, Coconut, Sea Bean, Olive Oil. Third courses encompass elegance and depth of  flavor with dishes like Lobster with Tahitian Vanilla, Chanterelle and Watermelon Radishes. Desserts vary from the exotic Orange, Lemon, Honey and Crystal Ice Lettuce to the light-hearted Doughnuts with Pistachio and Cherry.

Upholding the highest standards of hospitality, L2O ensures that each guest feels as if he or she were invited to an elegant dinner party. With its innovative cuisine and engaging atmosphere, L2O reveals a fresh perspective of elegant dining.

2300 North Lincoln Park West
Chicago, Illinois 60614